Hello all,

I recently posted in another forum and got great tips from Bob. I am posting here so he can give me a run down of everything he thinks i need to upgrade my setup (as well as input from others!)

I have a 3 story house (including full basement) with 2.5 baths, laundry room etc. I currently have a 20 Gal Well Saver pos from Lowes, with a 30/50 switch. I just tested my pump the way Bob mentioned by running it up to 65 lbs holding the contacts on the switch down with no issues. Is it ok to upgrade to a 40/60 then?

Also as i said id like to upgrade the size of the tank because i think mine is small for the house. As well as putting a csv valve in which you already recommended the model CSV1Z (thx). Where would this go before of after the tank tee? The tank Bob recommended was a Flexcon-knowing nothing about these why is it better than say a Well Mate?

My questions;

1. Which tank size should i go with?
2. Whats the best switch to use these days? Square D or other?
3. Is it best to use pipe dope or tape? Or pipe dope and tape? Also i was worried i was degrading these connections once soldering on the other end was heating up the entire assembly?
4. Now for the kicker, please see my crazy water softner/conditioner setup below. I had hard water & sulfer smell when i moved into this house. So i paid alot of money and a local Water Conditioner Co installed a new softner and this crazy air compressor/aeration system and it works well. However im worried that if i get a csv it may interfere with it as the Aircompressor is wired to the switch to turn on everytime the pump does. Am i wrong? Thanks again!

Oh yeah i definitely think i need a relief valve where that plug is!