I am having pressure problems. The water pressure seems to have dropped off. We have a 200 ft deep well w/I believe a 1hp submersible pump , and a x-302 amtrol pressure tank. The system is 18 years old and never had a problem. The pressure switch is set at 40/65 and the static tank blatter pressure is 38 psi. I did have to add air to the pressure tank since it was at 28 psi . We also had to mover the plumbing and tank due to a remodeling project. What we had to replace was the connection from the pressure switch to the copper pipe. The well installer intitially used galvanized fittings that were found to be severely corroded. We repalced them with brass fitting and used the existing Square D switch. The plumbing configuration was changed a bit.
If we are running the wash machine and the upstairs shower the water pressure drop to the point no water flow through the shower at times. The pump seems to be cycling normally. Any sugesstions to resolve the pressure issues would be appreciated. Thanks Joe