I have a 6 year old system (deep well 260ft) yield of 8 gpm but I don't know the specs of the pump in the well. I currently have a Flexcon Challenger 20 gallon (~6gallon drawdown 40/60). I definately have an iron issue that is already sufficiently handled with a water softener.

I'm looking to overhaul all the well pump system in the basement (and even the deep well pump if I find out it's not the right hp; I'm working on digging up that info). The line coming into the basement (black plastic pipe) has plastic elbows and connects to a brass Flowmatic check valve, then the T for the pressure tank (gate valve spigot and pressure gauge on the inlet side of the T) and the pressure switch to the right of the T. Lastly a ball valve shuttoff to the copper pipes for rest of the house.

Basically I'd like to get better parts for anything before the ball shutoff and improve things a bit. I had done my own research and thought I'd go with a CSV CSV1Z set at 50psi with replacing everything else except the tank. In this research I have exchanged emails with the NorthEast sales rep for CSV (even spoke on the phone).

I tracked down a local well system/driller installer that is "familiar" with the CSV. Well I liked the guy and he gave me some good info but he has only installed 2-3 CSVs and said most of the home owners report back that they don't notice any difference. The CSV was also referred to as more of a bandaid to a problem. He was also sure that the check valve is need in the basement (somehting about pump impeller pressure and the pump check valve fails first?).

Basically he strongly suggested going with a Flexcon FL (fiberglass) FL-12 tank. This would be about 2x bigger (same manufacture but I was told Challenger is the worst line and FL is much better). Also that FL inlet/outlet line can't clog with iron (again we have bad iron here) so it's a good idea to change the tank? He was suggesting the bigger tank over the CSV. He also suggested that the CSV might not work out as expected if my well pump isn't strong enough?

So now I'm here as an home owner trying to make sense between what I read / discuss with CSV personell (and I want to believe) and what a well driller local (20yrs experience) suggests (the biggest part is he has installed CSV before). Their is two parts to my confusion:

1) Go with CSV1Z or replace Flexcon Challanger 20gal w/Flexon FL-12 (2x bigger).

2) When replacing the parts should I put another check valve in or not.

Why is can't it be more straight forward for home owners.