hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to hook up a pressure tank to the jet pump, I have a shallow well convertible jet pump, a hose comes out of the side of the pump (about 1.5 inch round)(pipe is about 4 feet long) and then up to a "t" then one part of the t goes to the pressure tank and then past that....out to the house ...is this the right way for it to be set up? it doesn't work, when I turn it on, water slowly comes up to the pressure tank and stops right before it. line is clear plastic so I can see it.
should the hose be on top of the jet or on the side?
ps..x husband hooked it up, and now he tells me he knows nothing about pumps...so I have been left with no water.

tank is a well mate 19 gallon
pump is mastercraft 1/3 hp shallow well