Hi Folks,
I too am new so please forgive.
I’ve read many posts but haven’t seen this addressed yet, and hope my goof will help keep someone else from making the same one. I recently replaced a 20 yr old bladder tank for the house with a new one. In doing so, I re-plumbed the shed that houses it, and installed a softener. I also installed a sediment filter upstream of the softener. Everything was fine for about 3 weeks. This weekend I noticed a wicked short cycling going on. I thought the new tank had gone South. But after draining, (I also noticed the pressure dropping to 20 and then straight to zero-no water) it still maintained the 38# of air needed for the 40# cut in. I drained the tank and depressurized it, gave it the shake test: Empty. Re-pressurized and refilled the system. STILL had the same short cycling going on. The pump WOULD eventually get to the 60# cut off and stay off, but when it did so, the pressure reading would drop to just 40#. The sensing line is at the discharge of the pump.
After banging my head for a day or so, (and my lovely wife asking if the filter could be plugged already) it finally dawned on me that the new sediment filter was installed UPstream of the tank “T” fitting (in a convenient location). When I opened the bypass, the pump then started without cycling, and the pressure was reading 60 at cutoff. This is obviously my issue?
The filter and all of its valving (PVC) is “starving” the tank?
The other question I still have: Now that I THINK I know my goof, should I move the filter assy down stream of the “T”, or will it hurt the pump to move the pressure sensing point downstream of the “T”? I’m thinking the more involved filter relocation is going to be the safest.
Thanks folks for sharing all the info/knowlege to be found here.