We've replaced our 1/2hp myer jet pump, foot valve and jet ejector. We still have issues. The tank is a well xtrol bladder type. Water pumps into the tank (set at 22psi and 30 just to get SOME water in the house!). If we run water, the pressure guage drops to below 10. When the pump kicks on, the highest pressure we can get is 31 in the tank (static) even when I've pressurized the tank to 55 psi. Is there anything I'm not doing with the tank or are we just running out of water. Anything we should check on the tank? We have not yet checked our water level with the two-wire test. It seems odd because there is water, then there's not, and then there IS. The water is clear and clean running. The reason we've replaced all of these things is because of a complete lack of water approx 2 weeks ago. We had no dirty (bottom of the well) water, no smell, no air, nothing suspicious. We've replaced each of these components as result, attempting to resurrect our water supply. Any help is appreciated. [:u]