I have recently replaced two existing storage tanks due to a bladder failure on one with similar tanks (Flotec Model 7130-08 Equivelent Std Tank 220 Gallon).

These tanks are in parallel off the well and my problem is only one tank is filling, the one furtherest from the tee. The other tank stays empty. I checked the pressure on the empty tank (shut off the valve to the full tank first) and read in excess of 50 lbs pressure on the empty tank (high as the tire guage would go). I bled off a large amount of air and then I shut off the well and opened a faucet. When the pressure gauge on the well reached 30 lbs (and water still coming out of the faucet) I further bled the empty tank to ~ 25lbs and restarted the well. Water appeared to now fill this tank. At 60 lbs the pump stopped and I checked the pressure on the this storage tank and it was ~45 lbs. I opened the valve on t he first tank and there appeared to be some minor balancing and the pressure on the well dropped ~10 lbs to 50 PSI.

The pressure switch on the pump is set at 40/60 and it working as expected based on the pressure gauge. How do I get this set up right???