Ok so i have a well that is approx 500 feet away from my house (house is up on a hill with about 80ft of lift i would say), the well is 400ft down and the 3hp pump is hung at 300ft and i get 25gpm out of it, so here is my problem

1- I have two pressure tanks down below at the well house and by time it gets to the house it only has 28psi pressure so i put a booster pump under the house.

2- my booster pump is giving me problems now (grundfos mq3-45) so im thinking about moving my pressure tanks up by the house,

3- Due to fire agency requiring a 2500 gallon water tank or pay a 900 fee i decided to tee off my main water line up the hill and run a line to the 2500 gallon tank, im wondering if i could hook my pressure tanks up to that line as i dont really need the 2500 gallon tank anymore since i have added landscaping and a pool and the fire dept cant get to the tank anymore anyways , so what would i have to do to run the pressure tanks up there, and if im not mistaken wouldnt i then have enough pressure to run the house and sprinklers without having to deal with replacing the expensive booster pump ?

I believe the water line we ran to the house from the well is 1 1/2 inch line, or two inch, ill have to check and make sure. What do you guys think would be my best bet ?