I live in Thailand out in the country. Not a lot available out here. I presently have a system where the well pumps directly to the house and garden. There is no water tank involved.Turn on the water and the pump comes on.

I bought a 1,000 liter tank that I want to install to be used for the house water only. As far as I can tell, bladder tanks are not used over here. I don't want the well pump to come on and go off as often. Like every time you get a drink.

My plan is to have the well pump fill the tank and use a smaller pump to pressurize the water going to the house. I can use either a ball & **** float or an electic float to control the water to the tank.

Here's the first question.

Using a ball & **** type float would be the simplist. Water comes up, pressure comes up, pump shuts off. I want to use about 1/3 of the water in the tank before it starts to fill. Will the float allow water to imeadiatly start to flow into the tank, or only when it reaches its full downwards travel? Am I correct with saying the longer the arm on the float, the longer it takes to it reaches its low point?

Question number two. This ones a little hard to explain.

If I use an electric float, wire it to the pump, the pump should come on and off as the water level in the tank,reaches a certain level. I'll have one supply line dedicated to fill the water tank and another line for watering the garden. Since the well pump has a pressure switch, will the pump come on when the pressure drops in the garden water line even though the float is telling the pump to shut off because its full? (power disruption)I know I will need unenterupted power to the pump for that to happen. How would I wire it?

One mor question. Do I need to install a check valve on the input side of the tank?

I hope you get the drift of my questions. Being where I am and trying to communicate is difficult. Your sight really helps me out.