Hi all,

This is my first post and Iím sure Iíll leave out require info. Here goesÖ

I just bought some land that has a well that passed inspections after one chlorination. It does have .o3 iron but other than that I believe the rest was good (according to the report). Its 450 feet deep and I donít know anything about the pump (previous owner died).

After closing I start work to prep for building to find out that most of the wells on my NEW Street have a slow recovery rate. So I immediately start to run mine through some test. Mine has really good water pressure and a high flow rate for about two hours through a ĺĒ water hose right at the pressure tank.

Then it dies from the lack of water. If I turn off the pump for two hours I get same results for about 30 minutes then it dies again. If I let it sit over night I get two hours of water like above for two hours.

If I turn down the flow rate too replicate that of a kitchen or bathroom sink, I can run it continuously for days without running out of water.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

Since everyone seems to be the same (slow recovery) in my area, I was considering installing a storage tank. Iíll be installing a water softener as well and was wondering is it best to soften the water before it goes into the storage tank or as it goes into the house?

Hereís how I planned on designing my system.

Well (submersed 450ft ) pump with a 42 gallon pressure tank; going into a whole house filter; going into the water softener; going into the water storage tank 550 gallon; ĺ HP shallow pump with a (FP7130) 220 gallon pressure tank drawing the water out of the tank to feed the house.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

Lastly, this will feed a small place of 1200 square feet of living space with three bedrooms, two baths and only two adults living there.