Hi all,

I recently bought a house which had been vacant for a year or 2. We used the system for about a month and then went thru the water system. It had 3 bladder tanks, of which my handyman believed 2 were dead so we took them out.

The 1 he thought was still good I am having my doubts about after reading some and hoping for some help.

When we moved it from inside a closet to a new plumbing location I emptied the water out of the bottom (which some brown water came out- which confused me because it had been used regularly for a month by then).
After emptying (85 gallon tank) everything at bottom and tilting it, it still weighed a 100+ lbs, maybe we weren't emptying it correctly but I couldn't find a plug in the side to "vent" it.

My question is, is the brown water that came out of it Rust? Was the bladder ruptured and thats why it wouldn't drain completely? It still held air with tire gauge and no water came out when releasing air. How can I test to make sure its still good?

BTW, we added a brand new 85 gallon tank inline with that one.

Also, curious as to what everyone thinks of Ultravilet water filters, the house came with one and I'm about to hook it up at the "end of the chain" so to speak. -made by Severn Trent Services.

Thanks for help.