Hello, this would be my first post. I have an design puzzle for anyone living in a cold climate like Southern Alberta.
I have a mobile that will be supplied with water from 2 large poly tanks. I am using a 33 gal bladder tank to provide pressure. I can put the tanks just about anywhere, but where could I place the bladder tank to provide pressure? Do I need a two pumps, or can I supply the bladder tank directly with gravity flow? The two tanks are aboveground, frost protected, and the flow lines will be underground, emerging under the mobile.
Here are my thoughts:
1. Build a small attached building to house the tank, run underground gravity fed line from tanks. Will it freeze in very cold weather? I can't heat it, we are using wood heat.
2. Build an underground pump station, essentially placing it below the frost line. Lots of work for me, the ground is hard to dig. Can it be placed horizontally?
3. A small pump near the tanks (underground, or insulated), feeding the bladder tank which is protected indoors.

I'm doing this myself, and I have lots of time. Well, a month and a half. Thanks!