Hi this is my first time here so hello all.

I recently bought a house with both well and spring water supply.
The well is currently only used for outdoor uses (car washing,etc.)
the spring is our main water supply for house.
From the spring it goes to a pressure tank (52 ga. ), then thru filter, into house.
the well and the supply from spring tank are right next to each other.

Here's what i want to know how to do:

Add a 1500 gallon above-ground storage tank, fed by the well, but that feeds into the line going in to house.

Since I have never designed anything like that, what would you all recommend, setup-wise? I would like to know every part starting with the spring and well outlets, to the line entering the house.

What are the current best (or flavor-of-the-week) brands of equipment to use?

The well, spring pipe, tank and all are in a large insulated building now, and that's where I'd like to have the 1500 ga. tank also.

Thanks for all of the help in advance.

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