I changed bladder tank and pressure switch last Nov.and am still having problems.The tank is 30 gal.and pressure switch is American Standard brand.When using water inside house from shower,washer,etc.water will stop completely all at once and I will have to climb out of shower and go outside to manually start pump with lever on side.This happens very often,sometimes every two or three days,sometimes once or twice a month.Well is 96 feet deep with water standing from 24 feet on down.Pump is 10 yrs. old.Pressure switch is set on 30/50 and kicks on and shuts off normally at times and when done with lever.Tank had 32# air before installation and I let out air to 28# as I see you recommend.It worked great for 2 months before starting to lost pressure at most inconvenient times.I'm at my limit of expertise.Would high pressure switch help or is bladder air the problem?Or pump?