New to the forum, be kind.

Here's what I know:

Square D switch 30-50 psi
Bladder tank set to 28 psi (Last I checked, 1 month ago). If I remember it is 45 gallons.

I don't know how deep the well is or what kind of pump it is. The house was built in 1991 and I am assuming the pump is original. We've owned for 7 years.

I have a sprinkler system with 8 zones. Zone 1 & 2 are run for 10 minutes each. 3-8 are run for 5 minutes each.

The problems:

1. When the sprinklers run, the pump runs almost unceasingly. It can take 4-5 minutes before it hits 50psi then shuts off for maybe a minute then its on again. Actually from what I've read here that's not too big of a problem because you don't want it turning off and on a lot anyway.

2. Bigger problem: Sometimes after running the sprinklers or the washing machine, I turn on the faucet and nothing comes out. My theory is that eventhough the pressure gauge on the water pipe says 30 psi when it's cutting in it's REALLY more like 27 or 26. Just a theory.

How can you really measure the pressure ACCURATELY on the water pipes to be sure of the pressure? Even measuring the air on the tank is iffy with the tire gauge.

I have a Square D Switch that has the lever on the side to start everything up again and when I do the water pressure gauge jumps up to 30 right away. It's not like going from 0 up to 30 gradually.

I hope I've given you enough to go on here. If not ask questions.