I have a 30 ft well... 17 ft of it is water. A Flotec FP2222 2 wire 3/4 HP pump. A 20 gal pre charged pressure tank. A Sqaure D pressure switch with Low pressure cut-off. I have 3 hydrants hooked up..(They are 1ft, 100ft, and 200ft away from well). I am using this for watering my lawn.

The problem I am having is that the hydrant 200 ft away will not work unless I open the hydrant VERY VERY slowly. If I open it quickly it trips the low pressure cut off swith; every time.

If replace the low pressure cut off swith with a pressure switch without a "low-pressure-cutoff"... will that fix the problem?

If so, why is there even a need for a pressure swith with a low pressure cutoff feature?