We have a house hooked built in the country. The well is about 3/4 of a mile away. It is a decent well but it has to supply water to 2 houses and one community building. The house we use is a weekend place. The community building is used sporadically. When we have a lot of people, however, we run the well dry and it shuts off with low pressure cut off on the pressure switch. We have to go 3/4 of a mile to the concrete bunker that houses the well to turn the well back on. I know perhaps a pumptec would work to turn it off and on vs. the low pressure cut off switch, but I think I want to add a 300 gallon storage tank to the system. I have attached a diagram of what I want to do. I would restrict the flow into the tank so as to not overtax the well (we are having the recharge rate figured out this week I think so I will know how fast water flows into the well). Does this look like it would work? I wouuld take the water out of the bottom of the tank and run it into the top I assume. The pressure from teh well pump is enough to flow water into the tank. The pump at the house is for pressure in the house. Do I need a backflow preventer in the line from the tank to the the pump (I assume I do). And what shut off do I use for the tank when it is full (or how do you mount a float type valve inside a plastic tank is perhaps a better question)? The tank I would use is the 300 gallon freestanding tank that goes through the doorway.

Image: [img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img] Tank Configuration.JPG