Hi there ..

I'm trying to sort out my sand point pump problems. 3/4HP with a 5 Gallon Pressure Tank.

I was initially having trouble with the pump cycling on / off frequently ... sometimes throwing the breaker. I drained down the tank and checked the air pressure in the bladder ... it had none. I pumped it up to 2lbs below the cut in pressure .. checked it the following morning and it was holding... primed the pump .. and all was good for a month or two. It seems to be slowly losing the air pressure in the bladder. When I depress the air valve on the end of the tank .. it reads zero ... but yet it doesn't leak any water to directly indicate a blown bladder. I shook the pump/tank to see if it had emptied completely .. seemed to be a touch of water in there ... as I pumped up the air pressure leaving the drain open .. a little bit of water continued to escape and I could hear the bladder on the move as I pumped the air.

Looking for a little advice from someone in the know ... before I chase replacement parts. Are the bladders easily replaced if need be .. or are most small bladder tanks throwaways?

Thanks very much .. hopefully I've covered all the necessary info.