My tank is starting to leak on the floor in my basement and from what i can see its coming from the bottom of the tank(its 17 yrs old).But any ways its a WX-202 and from what i see on their site its classified as a 20gal.Well we have great water pressure and have never had a problem.But we do have 5 people living in the house and it has 3 bathrooms and we use alot of water with garden tubs and hot tub and the list goes on.Should we upgrade to a bigger bladder tank?Maybe im wrong but a bigger bladder tank would mean the pump kicks on and off less.So it would be easier on the pump.But also means with a bigger bladder it runs longer.Normally cycling is what hurts stuff so if you can cycle something less then your doing good.Im not sure how big of a pump is since we didnt put the well in the previous owners did.If you need more info i will try to get it.Thanks for any help