System Info:

Driven Well (age unknown) 2Ē pvc shaft
Wellmate WM-6 pressure tank (19.8 Gal) installed in 2000
Sta-rite SNC-L jet pump (1/2 HP, 115v) (age unknown)
Bradford White 50 Gal hot water heater (age unknown)
Aquatek water softner (age unknown, looks old)
inline filter
2 1/2 bath Tri-level with a basement built 1972

line from well to pump is black 1Ē super-poly 100psi
line from pump to house system is 3/4Ē

I have one 3/4Ē line that has a 1/2Ē runner for an outside spigot then tees off into two 3/4Ē leads.

One lead supplies water to and outside spigot, kitchen sink, dish washer and the clothes washer.

The other lead supplies water to the 2 1/2 baths with a branch that supplies the hot water heater.

Iím a first time homeowner. House was purchased last October. I donít have any info on the well itself. I did a one gallon jug test at the spigot by the pressure tank and got 5.5-6 GPM. Donít know if that is a halfway reliable way to do it or not? Water looked like apple cider! The pump kicks on at 40 and off at 60. While its running consistantly (when filling washer) it stays at around 50.

Issue Iím having is upstairs when I flush a toilet my pressure drops drastically at a faucet. When washer is filling up in basement I have virtually no water in kitchen. Basically I canít do more than one thing at a time.

Things I have done:

Drained all water out of pressure tank and checked air pressure. (was at 38 lbs.)
Bypassed water softner (no change)
Removed filter (no change)

Pump to small?
Pressure tank to small?
Poor design to house system?
All the above? hahaha

I tried to include everything I could think of!