I am new to have a well. The water pressure at the kitchen sink and shower are poor. We share a well with two other houses (so 3 houses on one well). The well is about 80 feet from the house on level terrain. There is the well casing, then a small Well-Trol(?) pressure tank and then a pressure gauge and pressure switch after the pressure tank. Then it looks like the system splits off to each of the three houses. The system comes into our house in the crawl space and within 3 feet there is a pressure tank (water worker H2OW-TO HT-44). The main water line T's off right before the pressure tank and goes towards the hot-water heater/furnace closet.

I went outside to the pressure gauge/switch and it read 26psi with all faucets off in the house. Then, I had my wife turn on the bath tub. I then heard the pressure switch click but the pressure gauge remained at 26psi. We let the bath tub run for several minutes but no change in the 26psi reading. I then had my wife turn on the shower (along with the tub) and let them run for about 5 minutes. I heard the pressure switch click several times during these 5 minutes, but at no time did the pressure gauge change from 26psi. When I had by wife turn off the shower and tub the pressure switch clicked shortly after that, but again the pressure gauge still read 26psi.

When you use a hose bib at the house it also has poor pressure. However, when the main line comes out of the well to my house it has two shut-off valves. The valve closest to the well goes to a faucet for an RV pad. The next valve shuts off the water to the house. The house bibs have poor pressure but the RV pad faucet has good pressure. For example, the RV faucet will shoot water out of the end of the hose 4 to 5 feet. The same hose used on a house bib, is lucky to get the water to shoot out a foot. I assume maybe the RV bib has larger piping to it?? It is a frost-free, in grond type faucet.

Our house does have a water softener in the hot water closet. I believe the well is about 500 feet deep.

I'm sure I will have to supply more info, please let me know what to look for/at.