I have a rather stupid question, so bear with me. This is going to sound crazy. So crazy that I cannot get my well guy to even come out and take a look at it. I had a brand new 4" well drilled for my new house to a depth of about 35'. I don't know how much information you need to help me, so I'll give you all I know. My well guy put in a 3/4 hp Red Jacket pump for me. Everthing seems to function fine exept my pressure. The guage on the tank reads around 40-60psi and cycles as it is used as it should. When I had graded my garage in preperation for concrete, I used sprinklers to help with the compaction. (We have all sand around here and this method works very well.) When turning on the sprinkers and fine tunning them to a small spread, the sprinkler would quickly change. When I first turned them on and throttled them down to where I wanted them, they were fine. Within a few minutes they slowly went down to a trickle. I had to go back and open the valve again and throttle them again and the same think. They came right back on as I opened the valve up, but they wouldn't stay a the pressure I put them. I have no filter on my system at all yet. I had a hose attached directly to the tank and I had the same result. The pump cycles as normal, (I think). The guage on the tank when this was happening never fell below 40 psi I think. I explained this to my well guy and he thought I was crazy, well, maybe so but he all but refuses to waste his time and come out to at least see what I am talking about. I wanted to get some experts opinions out there and see if there is anything I could do before I go before the county to file a complaint about my well guy. They won't sign off on my well for occupancy until I get this pressure thing straightened out. I hope I did not bore anybody with this. Thanks for listening!!! Any help would be great!