My partner wants to get the well that is out behind our practice going again. It will be used to water a dozen goats and for nothing else. THe clinic has been using city water for years. THis well was last used about a year or two ago, but I'm not sure exactly why the breaker was shut off. I went out to the pump house to check it out. We have a 230V sub but not sure of the size, also not sure how deep the well is either. There is a WX 203 well X trol pressure tank between the submersible pump and the pressure switch. I flipped the breaker and the pump worked and the pressure switch worked, (although the pressure guage at the pressure switch needs to be replaced, so I'm not sure where the cut on and off is set at). I was testing the pressure on the pressure tank and got water out of the schrader valve! It was quite alot of water too. I'm guessing that means the tank is shot, Huh? If so, what tank would you recommend, as a replacement Bob?
THanks, Mike
p.s. so far so good on my water situation at home even though we haven't had significant rainfall for over 3 1/2 months!