I have a shallow well pump maybe as old as 15 years. My bladder tank was replaced when I bought the house 5 years ago. Lately I've noticed that the pump runs long (and loud) and sometimes comes on for no reason when there is no water usage.
This has gotten much worse in the last 2 days. Sometimes the water runs out completely before the pump kicks on.

After reading quite a bit here at this forum I checked my tank pressure. When the pump finally kicks off the tank pressure reads 56 psi. Then within minutes slowly drops to 32 psi (maybe 15-20 minutes). It even does this with the shut-off valve fully closed.
Does the pump itself have a check valve in it? Or is the check valve further up the line to the well?

The pump is a Flint & Walling model 135365 1/2 hp
What do you recommend?