Hello, I am looking to replace a 30 year old air over water galvanized 42 gal. vertical tank as part of a shallow well setup with the myers HJ50s pump.

My problem / concerns are the following;

The water is very high in iron and precipitates out quickly. I have read that if I install a bladder tank the iron can cause early or premature failure. Also my current tank has a bottom side drain which I routinely use to blow out the iron sediment.

All of the pre-charged tanks use a bottom feed line and I would feed/push all of the iron sediment into my softener and house.

I can not find on the market a standard air over water pressure tank with a bottom service fitting.

So my question is does anyone know of a company that makes a tank with a service fitting and if possible a top mount for the pump?

Also if I am wrong about the iron effect to a bladder, let me know and then the mfg of a bladder tank with a blowout drain for the iron sediment.

Thank you