I have a 4" well with a 3/4hp submersible pump and a Mark IV pressure tank (well was installed in 1994). This well was initially set up to service the entire house, but after a few years, the city came through with water service and now the well just services the 3 outside faucets.

Recently, I went to turn on the water at a faucet outside and nothing came out! So, I started diagnosing the problem and discovered the bladder in my pressure tank must have failed (water came squirting out of the schrader valve when I opened it) causing my pump to fast cycle and this blew the capacitor in the pump control switch.

I replaced the control switch, but now I need to replace the pressure tank. I have been reading a little about the CSVs and am wondering what someone would suggest. As stated above, this well only services the outside three faucets, which I use to water the lawn and the garden. Use can range from a 10 minute garden watering from a single faucet to a 6 hour lawn watering using all three faucets (using hoses and sprinklers - I have a large lawn.)

What would you suggest I replace this old pressure tank with? Would I benefit from a CSV as well?