Pressure switch 40-60. Pump cycles on at low and off at high. Once at high position immediately starts a slow( 8 minutes) downward descent on the pressure gauge without any faucets or such turned on. Shut system completely off, so only line with water from tank to well. Once it hits low end, pump kicks back on. There does not appear any leaks in line
between pressure tank and well head. Pump is Red Jacket and tank is Wellxtrol, both 10 years old. One can hear the sound of water bubling or burping in pressure tank as pressure gauge goes down. Tire gauge pressure constant at 38 psi on top of tank when tank is empty. My question: Do I have a bad bladder in pressure tank or bad pump? This is a deep well with
galvanized 1 1/4" pipe in cased well to pump and will require pulling unit to pull pump. Therefore I dont want to spend money to pull pump if the bladder is bad. I appreciate your response! Thanks.