Flexcon Industries USA lays claim to be the leading manufacturer of pre-pressurized diaphragm expansion tanks for water well jobs and other water tank applications. However buyer beware when choosing any tank such as Flexcon's Well-Rite Online Series where they have designed in a non-standard European threaded coupling THAT ONLY THEY CAN SUPPLY. Having inherited this tank and finding a metal fatigue fracture in the brass T-coupling we have been without water now for 3 days attempting to locate a replacement. The fact that Flexcon is the exclusive supplier for what should be an industry standard NPT fitting means that if you ever experience a failure or wish to do a modification to your tank involving this part, prepare to be without water for an extended period. Their distribution network for spare parts is limited and you may find yourself driving long distances to obtain replacements. Personally I would not recommend selecting a manufacturer who puts customer's interests in such jeopardy.