My husband and I were away on vacation last week and came home last night to a flooded basement!!!

We have a well and my husband checked the pressure on our WX202 and noticed it was high... he turned the water off and then on, and realized the water was coming from the pressure relief valve on the WX202. The plumber came out and said "the brains" of the tank had gone bad. He replaced the following"

30/50 switch
1/4" brass tee
1/4"x4 nipple
1/4 x 3/4 brass bushing
s.s. clamps
1/2" 75# relief
100# gauge

He then noted that he replaced the switch and relief, clogged by galvanized tee.

After replacing these parts, my husband noticed that the pressure relief valve was doing the same thing and the plumber said we should probably replaced the tank itself and if that didn't fix it, we probably have a leak outside somewhere. The plumber suggested replacing the tank with a WX203, however, he did not have one on the truck. My husband just started poking around outside near the well, and found a moist area and thinks that may be where the leak is. Should we replace the tank in the meantime and then deal with the outside leak, if there definitely is one... The current tank we have is 6 years old.

Thanks for your attention and help.