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    Size of tank

    i just purchased a cottage. i have now a 1/2hp pump with a 4 gallon tank. to my knowledge i have a sand well. i find that the tank is to small and the pump kicks in to much. i have 1 bath room with a sink toilet and shower. i also have a washing machine and a kitchen sink. what size tank should i get. i was thinking about a 20 gallon tank.

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    Anything is better than a 4 gallon pressure tank, 20 sounds about right.


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    If your well produces enough you can get by with the 4 gallon tank and a CSV. Cycle Stop Valve. This valve will keep the pump running when water is being used stopping the fluctuation of water. This is easier on the tank, pump and gives an even pressure. You can get a CSV from this site cheaper than you can buy a new 20 gal. tank.

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    A CSV will fill up the drawdown volume on that 4 gallon tank in less than a minute, probably not acceptable.


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    I prefer a 20 gallon tank with a CSV or about 80 gallon tank without the CSV. However, many pump installers are using the CSV with a 1 gallon tank. While I believe a 1 gallon tank is a little small, they have been working this way for many years with very few problems. Just got to make sure you don't have any leaks in the house or system.

    Cycle Stop Valve Website

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    Your right Rancher, but it will keep the pump from cycling while he uses a gallon per minute or more. This should be easy even with low flow toilets, faucets and shower heads.


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