Thank heavens I have found a site that knows something about these things.

I use to have great water pressure. I have 2 full baths and I have adjusted the two adjusting nuts 3 equal turns clockwise to increase pressure. My current pressure is hovering around 25 to 30 psi. The adjustments seem to have had no effect. My pump is under a well cap so I'm assuming it is a submerible. My bladder tank is under the house and I don't hear the switch activating at all when the water is running, should I? I was just wondering what some of the pros on this forum might think it is. I guess the pump isn't gone, it's just over 10 years old and still keeps the the current pressure I've mentioned. I thought it might be the switch or the bladder inside the tank. I've seen this tank for sale at lowe's. Any help would be greatly appreciated.