Well here I am again. Youall helped me so much when putting in new pump and pressure tank. Thanks again. Well here is whats going on. I'll just tell it all might be all things or nothing to do with it. We got water delivered and soon after seemed water pressure a little low we have whole houst filter small one and changed filter. All good. My brother, wife, child and 2 gransons came to vist about a week so a lot of cooking washing and bathing going on. Water pressure seemed fine maybe little off. They have been gone now and James came home took a shower well he comes out and no water pressure hardly at all. Checked everything also filter and noticed O ring broke in half. Our little town closes up at 6 so had to go to big town to Home Depot give us a multi pack just thought I would check and none fit. We bought a new filter of same size didn't cost that much like I said its a cheap one. Just used the o ring from it right now and all good again. Now the water pressure is down again had James go down to the cellar and check the tank pressure he said it was around 40 something but he don't see to good and I was at work. I told him it should be around 28 because it was a 30/50 jet pump. Haven't done much else yet Can youall get anything from this as to what is going on and what I should check oh and James replaced the pipe from cistern and put a new filter valve on the end of it thinking it was sticking or whatever. When first turn on sink pressure high and then slows down to not quite a trinkle but close and runs a while then pump kicks on just like normal and gets just a little higher. Thanks for any help you can throw at us.