Just bought a house, 1976 construction, 300' well, submersible pump, galvanized pressure tank in basement.

House has 3 baths and 2 kitchens. When first evaluating house, I ran all available indoor faucets simultaneously for 10 minutes, no flow problems.

After buying, we ran two sprinklers all day plus normal household usage, no flow problems.

But there is a problem with some kind of trapped air in the system. Several times a day, we hear a huge gurgling air bubble "come up" in the pressure tank. It's loud!

I can't tell if this is some kind of recycling air that's migrating somewhere and then leaping back, or if it's coming from the well, or what? Tap water in the kitchen is sometimes clear, sometimes foggy with tiny trapped air bubbles that clear up if you let the water sit.

How do I attack this problem?