Bought a house 3 yrs ago with city water for inside and a 125 foot well with submersible pump for lawn irrigation only. All worked fine until last week when I was doing a lot of irrigation -- two or three hours a day for about a week. There are two Well X-trol model WX-302 tanks connected to the well pipe just before the pressure control and after the pressure control the pipe goes to the irrigation system. On the day in question, the water pressure dropped to zero. I turned off all motors in the house and listened carefully as I threw the well circuit breaker to off -- definitely heard the well pump cut out! Turned off the sprinkler valve, turned on the circuit breaker (heard the pump run) and the water pressure crept up to about 40 lbs. Turned on the sprinklers and pressure dropped immediately to zero. Turned everything off and checked the air pressure at the top of the tanks. Both tanks read 60 lbs/sq in. Instructions say that the original factory setting was 30. Three questions: (1)How could the pressure get so high?; (2) is this what prevents water from entering the tank?; (3) should I just bleed the pressure at the valve off to 30?