Hello all;

I'm not on city water so I have a well, well pump, pressure tank, pressure switch etc. The switch is a Square D 30/50. The tank is a Harvard Champion Water Systems Tank HC 203. I've owned the house for 5 years. It's a 20 year old house so as far as I know the water related components are 20 years old. I have not drained the system to check the pressure in the tank. The problem started a short while ago and is as follows:

with no call for water the pressure gauge shows 45 lbs of pressure. I turn the water on and watch the pressure go down to 35 lbs. At 35 lbs the gauge plummets to 0 (zero) and the switch contacts close and the flow of water stops. At that point there is about a 20 - 40 second delay before the pump starts pumping. Then the pump kicks on and the tank goes back up to 45 lbs. It seems as though the longest delay occurs when there is an initial call for water (i.e. I turn the water on in the bathtub so I can take a shower). Subsequent calls for water (i.e. I'm taking the shower) do not experience the long delay though there is a little bit of a delay.


Ester, Alaska