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Thread: Is this tank going bad? or bad valve

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    Is this tank going bad? or bad valve

    I use a low pressure shut off switch on one of my wells. The tank is a Wel_Flo WF60. No water. I checked the air charge and it showed only a couple of pounds of air pressure. No water pressure because the pressure switch did not kick in. I manually started the pump with the pressure switch lever and no water came out of the tank schrader valve with it held open, (pump running). I would have thought if the diaphram was leaking it would allow water on top of the diaphram and leak water out the valve.
    Refilled the tank to a air charge of 28# and all seems OK. Could it be I just have a small leak in the valve letting air out? I can bubble test it tomorrow.

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    It could be a small leak in the schrader valve on the tank. It could be a crack in the weld also. Tanks are like tires, even with no leak evident, they will still lose pressure over long periods of time, so it's a good idea to check them at least yearly.


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