I recently installed a bladder type tank. It was the 86 gallon from Lowe's. (wellsaver) Sorry, did not read the forum first. I had a well drilled by someone who knows nothing about customer service.(doesn't return calls etc...) Anyway, the question is, I could run any water source I wanted without pressure change at another source. Example: You could flush a toilet or wash dishes while someone was in the shower with no pressure or temperature change in the shower. I raised the on/off setting to 60/40. I did not reset the air pressure in the tank. Now the water pressure and temperature drops in the shower with any other water usage in the house. I lowered the on/off back to 55/35 and it still does the same thing. I installed all of this 4 months ago. Should the air pressure in the tank need adjustment already? Or did I mess it all up when I raised the pressure?

Thanks in advance,