I live in an area where wells are very rare. I just got a house this year and the outside water is still hooked up to a well, inside water is city though. I know I have a submersible pump that is not original to the house (1954) but I think the reserve tank is, the pump is probably 10-20 years old though. My question is how often should the pump turn on and off? When I am running 1 sprinkler it will take around 25-30 seconds for the water to go from about 75-80PSI down to about 50PSI. This seemed very quick to me. Once the pump turns on it only takes about 15-20 seconds to go back up to the 75-80. The reserve is pretty big, I would guess around 50 gallons. It is the old galvonized steel type with a rubberized undercoating all over it. I see no air valve (I assume it is older than the bladder technology). Since this is only used for outside water I drain the tank in winter so I have tried emptying it and re-filling. I don't want to burn out my pump and paying extra electricity money for a pump that is running too often. I am thinking about getting a much smaller bladder type tank and running 40-60 PSI. Money is an issue so I cannot spend a lot. The most that would be run at one time is 2 sprinklers. What do you recommend?