First let me say "Thanks" for this Forum, great information here. Now for the problem.

I have a well with a submersible pump used for lawn irrigation only. The irrigation system is broken down into 7 zones. I have a 42 gallon pressurized tank with a pressure switch installed about two feet from the tank. The tank is maybe 30 feet away from the well head.

The pressure to my first zone, the one furthest from the well, is pretty weak and I notice that the other zones' sprinkler heads send out a slightly pulsing stream when they are operating, pump cycling?

The is no guage or faucet near my pressure tank so I cant determine the off/on cut points for the pump. I checked the pressure of the air bladder in the tank, the system was on and closed, and got a reading of 40psi.

I have a feeling that I need more air in that bladder to get the pressure I'm looking for, would I be correct in thinking that? I plan on cutting power to the pump and running the faucet at the well head to purge the pressure in the system and then get another pressure reading at the tank. Will this pressure difference provide any useful clues?

I look forward to any guidance that you may be able to give me. By the way my propery is only 1/3 of an acre here in Spring Hill, FL so it is not like I'm watering a big chunk of land. Thanks.

Semper Fi,