We have a 10-year old Well-X-trol WX 250 tank, running with a submersible pump. Over the past couple of years, our water pressure has decreased, to the point where we can only run one shower at a time now (used to run two showers, or a shower and washing machine at the same time).

The cutin/cutout are set at 50/70. I drained down the tank, and I'm only getting about 25psi. The label says it was precharged to 38. Do I need to drain it down and add air up to 48psi (since cutin switch is set at 50?) Can the WX250 handle running at 48psi/50/70? I've heard that 70 may be too high for the cutout, but I need max water pressure (rather large house, 3 bathrooms, 5 people, etc).

One final note - last summer we had to install a carbon filter because of sulfur smell in the water (which I now believe may have been iron bacteria in the water softner itself). How much affect does the carbon filter have on the water pressure?