First off - I am a newbie on any active forum - I spend so much time on a computer I have little interst in typing in my free time.

Having said here are my interests and situaton;

I live in rural northern Minnesota, 30 miles north of Duluth. I own 60 acres that completely includes a small lake/large pond of about 7 acres. This pond has fluctuated in depth depending on envirnomental conditions over the 25+ years have lived here, from more than 25 ft to less than 12 ft.

2 concerns: maintaining water depth and aeration in the pond.

In the winter I have used several methods to keep an open spot to prevent freeze out as there is a very nice fish population. Most recently I have been using an electrical pump on a floating platform to keep a water flow. This has worked great for several years, but failed this past winter. Not sure why yet, but I think the pump froze after power being off too long.

I have been considering several options lately, one being driving a shallow point well, using a solar powered pump with a more or less constant trickle flow to raise water the level over time in the lake, to take a more aggressive management position in the water level. This would only be running during non freezing conditions. I was hoping to use the solar system on a floating pump for the lake in the winter, but needing to consider the VERY cold winters we experience here.

If I need separate power systems, fine.

I have been browsing this subject for some time and would like to move forward this spring. First off is the concept of this shallow well for adding to the lake level.


Other relevant forum links or any other pointer links would be appreciated. Any more info needed?

Livewell. The (un)official name of the lake and my tag.