We have 1/2 acre of property to landscape and water. We have water shares with no access to the ditch (it is across the road and east about 500-600ft). We have been trying to place well points. We are able to use an auger (spelling error I am sure) to go down 13'. The water level is at 12.5-13'. After this the sides cave in. We have tried to wash a PVC 2.5" casing down with a hose connected and can only get to 22' and then I believe we are hitting hard pan. We have a 1.5" PVC sand points we dropped in at 20-21' (2 different holes 20' apart) and pumped with a 2 hp pump, but only got 5-10 gallons a minute from 2 sand points and the water level dropped. Does anyone have any ideas to break through hard pan that is 22' down and who knows how thick it is. I have a bidd from someone to place a 40' well with 6" casing and gravel and it is almost $5000. I have already spent about $700 on pump and PVC well points and would like to break through the hard pan and sink a 25' PVC well point (1 or 2 of them) and pump with the 2 hp pump. Does anyone have any suggestions or know if this could be successful or is there a cheaper way to get water than paying 5 grand for a well or using culinary water? Please help, we are running out of strength and patience. I have pbeen told PVC sand points are better than steel because they don't rust, but you can't pound them through the hard pan.