I am designing an irrigation system for my home, but I am not sure of what pump I should use and how to set the well point.

The system will have 4 zones. 3 zones with 4 heads and some drip tubing for gardens, 1 zone with 6 heads. All supplied with 3/4" poly.

The water table here is very high. The sump basin in my basement almost always has water in it. It currenty (May) refills at a rate of 7gpm when it is pumped out. Can I drive a 1 1/4" well point through my sump basin to use as my water supply? How deep should it be driven to get adequate water supply?

The pumps I am considering are pre-plumbed 1/2hp jet pumps capable of pumping approx. 8gpm with tanks 15-19 gals. A neighbor uses this 1/2 hp pre-plumbed system from Sears: http://www.sears.com/sr/javasr/produ...LAWN&ihtoken=1 I'm not sure how deep his well point is. I am also considering this Flotec, similar to the Sears one, but with a 15 gal tank instead of 19 gal. http://www.pumpbiz.com/products/inde...&series_id=615
Will either of these pumps be sufficient to meet my needs?