I have a typical jet pump to pump water out of the lake. Bladder went out on the tank and repaced the tank and replumbed every thing. The pump is over 20 yrs old. 1 hp Meyer (Myer) 120/240V. When I put eveything back together the tube/pipe between the pressure switch and pump developed a leak but the pump still works and I don't loose prime. The pipe attaches to barbed nipples. What is the normal size tube it uses in ID? Someone said 1/4 I'm thinking 1/8. I can't cut the bad section out as the tube as then it will be too short. So I go to Menards and they have 3 pumps out with pressure switches and 2 of them there is no writing on the tubes. Last one has a lot of writing on the tube including 1/4 but then it gets smeared following the 1/4 it says I "think" it says OD. Then I stop by a Lowes and they only have pumps in sealed boxes.

I'm hoping to make it thru the rest of Michigan's summer and fall. Want to be ready in case there is a complete failure. All I want is a new tube ... don't need new elbows. Does the pipe have to be high pressure?

Thanks again - Jim!!