Wow, what a great site. Lots of great info here.
I have searched and lurked for a while but could not find my answer.

Can I tee multiple shallow wells into 1 pump?

I 1 pump is possible, where should I place check valves?
Would a 1/2hp shallow well jet pump do the job?

Some background info:

I live in Macomb county Michigan.
I washed 1 well to 25' using 2" pvc. Static water level is 8'. The well is 1.25" pvc with 5' well screen sitting on 1' gravel pack at the bottom. Additional gravel pack around the well pipe from approx depth of 14' to the bottom.

While washing the well I went thru:
7 feet dirt/sand/clay
4 feet of clay
3 feet fine sand (looks like play sand)
11 clay
Hit rock at 25' which I could not penetrate with my pcv bit.

I expect to need multiple shallow wells to supply my sprinkler system (as many as 4 placed 10' apart).
I figure my sprinklers will need 10-15gpm at approx 40psi and that each well could supply 3-4 gpm.
My wells will be shallow wells <25' deep.
The wells will be no more than 30' from the pump and the pump will be no more than 30' from the sprinkler tee.
The sprinklers currently use city water at approx 50psi and 1" copper pipe. I have tested the sprinklers with as little as 30psi by partially closing a ball valve and they worked fine.