Hi all-
I hoping you can help suggest a pump/storage solution for my new well. I am just north of Tampa, washed a well based on drillyourownwell.com instructions (great by the way) down to about 15'. Nice white sand starting around 10'. Current standing water is about 5-7' even in this drought. Placed a 1 1/4" pvc well screen point at 15'.

I am hoping to use it for standard lawn irrigation. The largest zone is about 10 shrub type pop-ups and is 100-125' from the well/pump (goes all the way around the house). The current line in to my sprinkler system is 1" and eventually tapers down to 1/2" along the run.

I thought I'd try one of the cheap 1hp HF pumps with small bladder underneath. I know, I know - it's junk, but I thought I'd try and worst case will use it for the fish cleaning bench on the dock. I did add a 36gal pressure tank assuming the tank on the HP pump wouldn't keep up.

Needless to say, it's not performing. Starts great (because of the tank I assume) sprinklers run perfect for a few minutes, pressure goes down, pump comes on and it can never build up enough pressure to turn off. Once the pressure goes down the sprinklers retreat back into their hole and never show their face again.

So, to my question....

What pump, pressure switch, tank size should I be using?

Thank you all very much!!