Hi, i need to connect my pump relay system to my pump but i am not sure as to how to do that. Although i am not using a hunter pump relay, rather a rainbird R-200, I figured it wouldnt make a difference, because they are meant to do the same thing. Although i have installed a irrigation system before, i never had to deal with a pump system rather just municpal water. My pump system is set up as such: there is a well shed behind my house which holds a 1000 gallon tank which has a water level detector so that when the water gets to low the pump fills up the tank again. Inside the shed there is a braker box which sends power to the orginal pump relay box, which then recieves a the signal from the water detection system in the tank and then sends a signal to the pump and also powers it. The pump is 3 horse power and is set to run a 65 psi and 16 gpm. The orginal pump relay system that came with the house reads 230 vlts.

1) One of my questions are do i need a aftermarket pump relay system like the hunter or rainbird or can i just connect a my control timer straight to the orginal pump relay box? the reason i ask is because i have been told that you need a pump relay system with a higher voltage, is this true?

2) My next question is, what is the best way to connect the the afternarket pump relay box to my pump?

3) The way i will connect the irrigation system is by putting a "T" in the pipe coming from the pump right before it enters the well house? My question is when the timer control sends the signal to the pump relay, which in turn sends it signal to the pump to start pumping how do i make the water go only to the irregation system and not the 1000 gallon tank without using a manual valve? Do i use a back flow prevention valve, a regular valve and if one of those do i conntect the valve to the pump relay box or straight to the control timer? If it needs to connect to the pump relay box what is the best way to do that?

I know its long but i sure could appreciate the help. If i left any important info out that anyone would need to answer please let me know.

Thanks, Gary

gadadhara gardner

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