Here's a quick summary of where I am in our drip system design process right now:

We will be adding a drip irrigation system on our blueberry farm. The drip system will take over the primary irrigation duties from an existing overhead sprinkler system which will remain operable for frost mitigation.

We will pump water for both systems through a central line tapped into a farm pond. Since both systems have different flow delivery requirements, we are using two identical pumps in parallel with pump #2 only turned on rarely if the sprinklers are needed.

Ok... My question now involves trying to make sure we don't end up with non-uniform flow issues from the drip tape manifold headers. I don't want to overthink or overcomplicate the design process by focusing on things that are not likely to be a problem, but I also do not want to overlook something that CAN be a problem by failing to investigate and correct issues BEFORE equipment is purchased.

So what am I concerned with at this point?

Originally, I had laid out the drip tapes in five smaller zones. But after resolving our pump station issues, I had upsized the pump flow rate enough that I felt like we could operate the entire field as one single zone. This means that we would have 98 drip tapes running from two 2" header runs of 420 feet and 311 feet in length. The longest header will have a total of 52 drip tape runs, the shorter one will have 46 tapes.

After reading some articles on division manifold flow characteristics, it seems possible there could be non-uniform flow conditions along these headers. This is due to the fact that flow velocity increases along a header after a lateral discharge port empties from the main flow. To what significant degree that might occur in our system, I do not yet know. I have looked for some type of Excel spreadsheet that would allow me to do the discharge port flow calculations along the length of manifold header, but I can't find anything that does more than single pipe flow calcs using the Hazen-Williams formula.

Am I being needlessly concerned here? Or are significant non-uniform flow problems a real possiblity, given the size of our design layout?

Here's a pic of the drip layout as currently configured: