We run a small mom and pop bamboo nursery and need to irrigate our potted plants. Being small we have had difficulty getting the only local irrigation company to advise us.

Currently we are using a 3/4hp 10gpm 2 wire 220v submersible pump using a pond as the water source. Our overhead sprinkler heads are fed with a 1 1/2" black plastic water line approx 450 feet with a total rise of 60'. This supports 4 heads at a time which is not adaquate as we need to run 8 heads at a time and are having to manually change the sprinklers feeds. We do not use a tank or pressure switch but run the pump constantly.

We are planning to add three additional areas over time (our buget is limited) and are trying to find the best system to use for those areas.

We are planning on using 2" lines for the new areas, a seperate line to each area. We considered 4" pvc, however due to multiple grade changes it would be very difficult to install. If the volume required exceeds the 2" line planned we would go with multiple 2" lines using a manifold at the pump and risers.

Our questions:

1 The existing area - Will replacing the 10gpm pump with a 20gpm on the 1 1/2" line increase the number of heads we can use at one time? Or should we replace the pump and line? Which pump model would you recommend?

2 New areas
Area 2a 400' run 20' rise
Area 2b 300' run 20' rise
Area 2c 700' run uphill 60' then down hill 40' the heads will have a 20' rise above the pump

Should I use one large pump or 3 smaller pumps? Which models?

Any advise, suggestions or comments will be appreciated.