Looking for some help in planning a rebuild of my current irrigation system. I've got a ten foot deep open well that's three feet in diameter. At the bottom of the well - about a foot up from the bottom - is a six inch iron pipe that runs horizontally underground for about 100 feet to a nearby pond. So, my well stays full to the level of the pond giving me approximately seven feet of water, with another three feet of space up to ground level.

The 3HP centrifugal pump that sits up on top has seized up and I need to replace it.

The 2 inch mainline from the existing pump stretches the entire length of my 5 acre property. I'd estimate about 700 feet in total. With a series of 3/4 inch secondary lines branching from it. Those secondary lines feed lots of rainbird quick connect valves all over the property.

I'd like to be able to irrigate most of the property using the existing rainbird 3/4 inch impact sprinklers I have. I'm hoping I can run 4 or 5 at a time. What more information do I need to collect or calculate to select and size the right pump? Can I go submersible in only 7 feet of water? Electricity usage is a concern; before it gave out, the current pump was always on when using any water at all.